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Bridging the Gap

Saniservice has been in the business since 2009 and has pioneered the disinfection industry in the UAE. We reengineered integral domestic health services and delivered it through a premium "Swiss" hospitality inspired methods, following the highest standards in quality & service delivery.

We have 3 domains of application - Air, Water, and Surface. All the services within the Saniservice line of services fit together to form a synergy of interdependent yet standalone services to achieve a totally clean, healthy, sustainable & balanced indoor microbiome.

Saniservice has continuously expanded its services to accommodate the growing need for high-end luxury service market since 2009. But through the years, we have seen a gap that has been more evident. The gap is a Mould Remediation.

Mould remediation is the actual inspection, assessment, communication, remediation (cleaning), restoration and protection of built environment from mould damage and infestation.

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