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Our Process

Mould Remediation

There are different levels of mould infestation which require specialized pre-remediation and containment procedures. We work with a typical 7-step process to ensure mould removal and remediation is completed as per IICRC standards.

1. Mould Inspection & Damage Assessment

Our designated Indoor Air Specialist (mould assessor) will inspect your property for visible signs of mold. Using advanced technology, we can detect mould and locate any hidden water sources so the mould will not return once the area is cleaned.

2. Mould Remediation Work Plan

After inspection, the mould assessor will draft an assessment report and based on that, a mould remediation work plan which includes pre-remediation and restoration.

3. Mould Remediation

The team will proceed with necessary pre-remediation procedures and safety protocols and execute the mould removal and mould remediation process. 

4. Post-Verification

The mould assessor will perform a post-verification of the mould remediation work plan, in case any damage occurs.

5. Restoration

The team will return the building material or contents removed during the remediation process. 

6. Quality Assurance

We ensure the quality of your living space is back to its optimum condition after the mould remediation service. We take a post-test to verify the results of our process.

7. Work Completion Report

You will receive a comprehensive work completion report with records of post-evaluations done by the mould assessor, as well as recommendations to control mould infestation.

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