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Microbial / Fungal Testing

For Air

Ensuring indoor air quality for occupational health and personal safety is of the utmost importance with today’s dynamic environmental conditions. As an established provider of air sampling and air quality assessment solutions our goal is to supply customers with a reliable toolset enabling them to generate consistent accurate results across all air testing activities. Building from the Saniservice experience since 2009 in the field of indoor air quality, we have established our reputation as the pioneers of IAQ Management in the UAE.

For Surfaces

Indoor Sciences by Saniservice is fully equipped to provide indoor environmental testing of surface samples for bacteria and fungi.

Our inhouse laboratory provides sampling, testing, analysis and recommendation.  This benchmarking service are available for residential and other industries.  

Certified Testing

Indoor Sciences By Saniservice only does benchmarking.  Results are not certifed in anyway and can not and should not be used for any legal purposes.  However, if you require certified testing, Indoor Sciences can also facilitate this for you as we are parters with authorized laboratories locally and internationally.

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