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Infection Control

Leading the way in Infection Prevention

Since 2009, Saniservice has pioneered the disinfection industry in the UAE. In fact, the "disinfection" activity in the Dubai Economic Department was initially created for Saniservice when it started its operations.

From the Air we breathe to the water we drink, to the surfaces we touch, Saniservice has integrated the latest in Disinfection Technology using only eco-friendly bio sanitizers.

However, the hygiene dynamics has changed since the pandemic of 2019. Now we have realized that disinfection is not enough to contain such transmissible infectious diseases. We now see a bigger hygiene gap in all our disinfection efforts, hence Saniservice has re-engineered its services and adapted the latest technologies and products to come up with an effective and sustainable Infection Control concept.

Saniservice's Infection Control concept consolidates the varied re-engineered services that the company offers to come up with a customized hygiene solution for homes and corporates with the aim of achieving a low hygiene gap thereby preventing transmission of common infectious diseases.